OK Charlton Info & Playing Times

OK Charlton Info & Playing Times

Friday 23 February

7:30pm | Doors
7:30pm | DJ Queenie
8:00pm | Tell Your Friends You Love Them Buddy Bingo
8:30pm – 9:10pm | Polly and The Pockets
9:15pm | Into the Dreaming Welcome to Country
9:45pm – 10:30pm | COMETS
10:30pm | Tell Your Friends You Love Them Buddy Bingo
11:00pm – 12:00am | The Slingers
12:00am | DJ Queenie
1:00am | Close

Saturday 24 February

6:00pm | Doors
8:00pm  | Welcome / Housekeeping with Tadpole
8:10pm – 8:50pm | The Belair Lip Bombs
8:50pm | Tell Your Friends You Love Them Buddy Bingo
8:55pm | DJ Brat Paisley
9:20pm – 10:10pm | Watty Thompson and His Total Fire Band
10:10pm | Tell Your Friends You Love Them Buddy Bingo
10:40pm – 11:20pm | Nice Biscuit
11:20pm | Tell Your Friends You Love Them Buddy Bingo
11:25pm | DJ Brat Paisley
11:50pm – 12:50am | The Peep Tempel
12:50am | DJ Brat Paisley
2:00am | Close

Friday Activities

From Check – In
Mini Golf
Charlton Motel
158 High Street

Come and play the mini golf course we resurrected out the back of the motel with the lovely Callum Preston and with recent additions by Mark the manager.

Early Dinner at the Pubs in Town
East Charlton Hotel
53 High St
The Vale of Avoca
16-18 Mildura Way

Party fuel for the early birds. Drop into the East Charlton or The Vale of Avoca for a late arvo dinner to stop the wheels fallin’ off later. Nothing better than a forkful of Charlton’s finest cuisine to get you goin’ well into the night.

Tell Your Friends You Love Them Buddy Bingo
Charlton Motel
158 High Street

Tell Your Friends You Love Them are at it again making the lot of you feel right as rain and right at home. This year we’re doubling down with Friendship Bingo with prizes from our mates Bodriggy, Virgin Records and Pendleton.

It’s easy. Come to OK, get a numbered wristband that pairs with one other lucky punter and between every set we’ll take the stage and call a number. If the stars align and you and your number-matching-mate are around the traps — you’re on. We’ll set you right for the rest of the festival with 2-for-1 drinks to add a bit of fuel to the friendship fire. If your mate ducked out, we’ve got you covered with plenty of prizes from our friends.

Benno’s Pizza by the Slice
Charlton Motel Kitchen
158 High Street

Getta slice of Heaven right here in Charlton. Benno will be twirlin’ and slingin’ pizzas from the Vale at the Charlton. Give it a go.

Into The Dreaming : Welcome to Country & Smoking Ceremony
Charlton Motel Backyard
158 High Street

Yordja is a First Nations Artist who’s connection to Country is performed through sound, lights and smoke. The experience created in Yordja’s practice is deliberate, directed at the audience, giving no way of hiding but only a full immersive moment, a deep dive into Aboriginal Culture and what it means to be with Country.

Into The Dreaming is a full smoke, light and sound art installation that is performed after an important Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony by Dja Dja Wurrung man Troy Firebrace. After the leaves are placed on the 8 fire pits and the smoke starts to roll through the crowd, the sound of the didgeridoo can be heard through the swirling smoke. The surrounding trees seem to begin to dance as lights pulse with colour, preparing the Country. Then the beat rises as the sound of the didgeridoo transforms into electronic dance, chanting and clapsticks produced into a melody demanding to be heard, the base and beat demanding to be felt, the lights dancing demanding to be seen.

Artist Yordja
Producer Aimee Chapman
Lighting Designer Adam Leelasorn

9:30pm – Late
Pool House Karaoke
Charlton Motel Pool House
158 High Street

Ditch Cloud 9, it’s all happening in the Pool House at the Charlton Motel. Blow the cobwebs out of your pipes with a coupla pool house power ballads.

Saturday Activities

8:30am – 10:30am
Lions Club BBQ Brekky
Travellers Rest, John Curtin Drive

There’s nothin’ better than the sound of a sizzling brekky barbie to lift the morning spirit. The Lions will get the tank back to full for the day ahead. Beauty.

9:00am – 12:00pm
Uniting Church Market
6 Halliday Street

A hall full of treasure. Don’t miss it.

10:00am – 12:30pm
Rex Theatre Movie Morning
Rex Theatre
30-34 High St

Post up for a dusty morning gag with the cult Aussie comedy classic, Malcolm. You’re right. There’s no bloody way we’d do it without a few Bloody Marys.

10:00am – Late
Charlton Vintage
54 High Street

Win and her family run the local Vintage store and it is packed with treasure. She’ll be open all weekend.

10:30am – 12:30pm
CWA Devo Tea & Barefoot Bowls
Charlton Lawn Bowls Club
Gordon Park

The Country Women’s Association are back doing what they do best. Doesn’t matter if you’re vegan, gluten-free or just plain hungry, they’ve got you all covered in jam and whipped cream. If you fancy a barefoot bowl with your tea, Kev will be there to get you set up on the green. All the money goes straight into the Country Women’s Association’s pocket to keep them whipping, jamming and caring for their community for years to come. Grab a ticket while ya can.

12:30pm – 3:00pm
Pool Party
Friend Songs and Dedications
Charlton Youth Group Ice Creams
Charlton Public Pool
Gordon Park

Tell Your Friends You Love Them have you sorted for a recovery cool off with a friend fueled backing track. At it again with Love Song Dedications from the Community Pool, Tell Your Friends You Love Them have got DJ Westwood firing up the friendship to full steam ahead. There’s no better time than a Mallee morning to tell your mates how ya feel. Don’t think it could get any better? Think again. The Charlton Youth Group are serving homemade ice creams at the poolside kiosk. Catch ya for a cannonball.

1:30pm – 2:00pm
The Clams Water Ballet
Charlton Public Pool
Gordon Park

The Clams is Melbourne’s most likeable water ballet team. A party mix of personalities gracing us with their poolside presence with a performance titled Swimmly the Best: An Aquatic Ode to Friendship. They’re a bloody good time. Deadset.

3:30pm – 4:15pm
Live Music at Cricket Club
Cricket Club Hotel
92 High St

You heard right. The Cricket Club has entered the building. Greg and Leanne from the East have a new baby and we’re clinking coldies in celebration. Stay tuned for Saturday arvo’s special guest. No doubt there’ll be some bar top guitar shredding from Greg at some stage.

4:30pm – 6:30pm
Marry Your Friends:
A Celebration of Holy Mate-rimony

Friends are the family ya choose. Why not make it official by taking your best mate’s hand in holy mate-rimony? Get together with forever friends Emilie Zoey Baker and Marieke Hardy as they play host to your friendship nuptial service. There’ll be the whole hog — a celebrant, vows, bouquet, confetti and a chance to immortalise your platonic tying of the knot with a wedding snap. Pledge your undying devotion under the watchful eyes of our OK Lord and Savior, Kate Berry. Come yell, “I DO.”

4:30pm – 5:45pm (1st Sitting)
6:00pm – 7:15pm (2nd Sitting)
Community Dinner
Charlton Shire Hall
11 Armstrong St

Charlton College and The Agricultural and Pastoral Society are putting on a top-notch spread for you to wrap the laughing gear around. They’ve got roast lamb and turkey, veggie burgers, the Charlton-famous buttery potatoes, Wendy’s gravy and a salad bar chockers with goodies. A bit of something for everyone and a chance to meet a few locals. All donations go towards funding work placements in the Big Smoke for the Charlton College students. Face it, if you’re not here where are you gonna be? Score a ticket to claim your spot at the table. There are two sittings, one for the early birds and the other one.

9:00pm – Late
Pool House Karaoke
Charlton Motel Pool House
158 High Street

Ditch Cloud 9, it’s all happening in the Pool House at the Charlton Motel. Blow the cobwebs out of your pipes with a coupla pool house power ballads.

OK Charlton Info

Friday Night
Friday night kicks off at 7:00pm.

Getting There
The Charlton Motel is located at 158 High Street, Charlton, Victoria 3525.

Road Trip Radio
You’ll find on the OK Motels home page Road Trip Radio, where some of our faves has put together their dream road trip playlists. Have a listen!

The weather is pretty lovely in Charlton this time of year. We’ll keep you posted closer to party time.

Check-in for Charlton Motel guests is from 4:00pm Friday 23 February. Check-in for OK Camp is from 4:00pm Friday 23 February. For people staying elsewhere, please check with your accommodation.

If you’re checking in to OK Camp during check-in hours, you’ll have your ticket scanned and be issued your wristband at OK Camp.

OK Camp
OK Camp is smack bang in the middle of town. Crack a right after the East Charlton Hotel and low and behold there lies your home away from home. We’ve fancied up the facilities with showers, toilets and shuttle buses to cart you back and forth from the party on Friday and Saturday.

OK Camp Check-In Hours
Friday 4:00pm – 9:00pm
Saturday 12:00pm – 5:00pm

If you’re on time, you’ll be greeted by some friendly faces who’ll check you in and give you a wristband. If you’re running a little late — no drama. Give Leanne a buzz on 0448 276 631 and she’ll gladly show you what’s what and where’s where.

OK Motels and artist’s merch can be bought at the Charlton Motel.

Card Only
OK Motels is cashless.

OK Motels is a fully licensed event.

Shuttle Bus
We’ll get you home safe as houses on Friday and Saturday from Charlton Motel to wherever you’re resting your head. The shuttle buses will be running an hour before doors open and after doors closed. Easy as.

Shuttle Bus Stops:
1. Cricket Club Hotel
2. The Vale of Avoca
4. Travellers Rest / OK Camp
5. Charlton Motel

Booze on the Bus
Waste not want not. Grab a traveller for the ride in, but don’t spill it. Better yet, if you take your rubbish with you and drop it in the bin on arrival the bus driver will be singing your praises. Remember, no boozin’ on the return buses though.

Respect the Neighbours

We love Charlton, and the people who live there, so please treat the town and the locals with respect. When you head off after the gig, remember that Charlton will be full of people sleeping. If you choose to walk back to your accommodation please keep the noise down. Fences are not toilets. Front yards aren’t either.

Respect Each Other

Be kind to your fellow punter, and if you don’t feel so great, or you see someone in trouble, there’ll be onsite medics to look after you.

If you get in the mood for a boozy cig, head out to the beer garden, located near the back bar.

Any Other Questions
Feel free to get in touch with us at hello@okmotels.com.au

You want the good news or the OK news?
Stay in the loop. We’ll only send you the OK stuff, about once a month.