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We reckon a country drive will do you one better than a holiday. A bit of thinking time made interesting by the loaded potential of a left or right turn. We’ve learned it doesn’t matter where you head. All roads lead to paradise if you keep driving ‘til you get there.

In 2017 OK Motels Founder, Kate Berry, caught the first glimpse of Charlton as it emerged from the tumbling horizon of the Calder Freeway. A quaint town in Victoria’s north west reminiscent of family holidays and bygone summers, framed up by 70’s arches in white brick and encored by the smell of freshly edged lawns. A crossroads between now and then, enjoying the air of authenticity while bathing in the nostalgia of the good ol’ days. 

Taking a fancy to the Charlton Motel, Berry decided that the only thing that could make it better would be a dinner and a show. Lo and behold, OK Motels launched in 2018, pulling together the good time trinity of music, good company, and a bit of time on the road. Working alongside the locals, OK Motels has become a landmark in the area. A magnet drawing in blow-ins from across Australia in search of a bit of fun and a few yarns with the region’s many icons. 

Off the back of its first success the people said, “Go on then.” OK Motels answered with a Locals and Blow-Ins Double Pool Competition hosted by mates, Tell Your Friends You Love Them, and Speed Friending, an event held over Devonshire Tea with the Country Women’s Association

Today, OK Motels continues to recreate the chance encounter that brought Berry to the town of Charlton, putting on contemporary music and arts events that create communities in unassuming locations. Experiences better off shared, fueled by the hard work of Director, Shaun Adams, and a team of much appreciated support staff. With an authentic tact, OK Motels hasn’t gone unnoticed by the national press. Punters spread some kind words, leading to a segment on ABC’s Artworks, who bottled up the Charlton experience and shot it out over the airways for all to witness.

So, where to next? Keep an ear out. In 2023, OK Motels are launching OK Road Trips, a guide to the places that you won’t want to miss when you’re on the way to somewhere else. We’re also hard up to work with communities who take pride in the unconventional. If this sounds like your cup of tea, give us a bell, and we’ll pop over for a chat.


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