Upcoming Event

ART LATE / Bananagun

Sat 15th Jun

Art Gallery of Ballarat

DJ Queenie

Stay up for ART LATE. A curated series of late-night encounters at the Art Gallery of Ballarat featuring a dynamic combination of mind-blowing music and thought-provoking art, plus supper, sweets and a bar.

Soar into the dreamy, mystical, imaginary realm of Art Gallery of Ballarat’s latest exhibition, Lost in Palms Springs. Pop art meets pop music in a very special summery series of Art Late curated by OK Motels, held in the depths of winter. Expect something unreal to surreal in the otherworldly space.

$50 ticket includes gig and California-inspired supper, cocktails by local brewers, Itinerant Spirits, and wine by Blue Pyrenees Estate at bar prices. $30 ticket for band only.

Plus explore latest exhibition Lost in Palm Springs, check out the Kank Wolverang Record pop-up store, late-night Gallery activities and a Palm Springs-inspired installation by Callum Preston.

Bananagun are a five-piece band from Melbourne led by songwriter Nicholas Van Bakel.
There’s a deeply percussive element to the band’s psychedelic ode to Mother Nature, as seen in their debut album The True Story of Bananagun, released to critical acclaim in 2020.
As a live outfit the band are electric and eclectic, with psychedelic song-writing filled with fizz and pop.

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