Past Event

OK Presents West Town Music Club


Fri 22nd Apr

Geelong West Town Hall

OK Motels presents
West Town Music Club

Cosmic Psychos
Vintage Crop
Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice
Operation Karma

OK Motels is back in Geelong and we’ve found a pretty special place to return to.

The West Geelong Town Hall has a big music history in GTown, with some pretty impressive acts playing the red velvet curtained stage. In the 80s The Fall and Wire graced the stage, and in 1990 Faith No More played their epic (get it) The Real Thing tour with the Cosmic Psychos as support.

We’re going to get that hall cranking once more.

This hall, of course, has all the architectural vibes of an OK event, with plenty of arches, wood panelling, moulded plastic seating and velvet.

See you in Gtown, at the new West Town Music Club.

Cosmic Psychos

The Cosmic Psychos are (almost) an Australian punk rock institution who formed in Spring Plains, Victoria in 1982, spearheaded by founding member and bass player Ross Knight.

They’ve survived the passing decades, musical trends and fashions with ease. Most fans will tell you they’re simple blokes (you can trust), just making straight-ahead, good-fun, Australian influenced punk rock.

“Here’s three ugly looking blokes, touring the world, playing at all these wonderful cities, dining at all these wonderful restaurants, meeting all these famous people. In the back of ya head I’m thinking to myself ‘I’m a fuckin’ farmer!’” – Ross Knight

Vintage Crop

Geelong’s premier rock band Vintage Crop twist together early post-punk sounds with a modern Australian attitude; creating riff driven rock music with sharp lyrics that examine, dissect & take the piss out of the mundane world around them. Formed in 2017, the band have released 3 albums with their fourth, “Kibitzer”, arriving in June of 2022 via Anti-Fade Records. Known for their electric live sets, Vintage Crop are one of Geelong’s freshest new exports, proving that the town’s live music scene is more than healthy.

Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice

One of the most important bands in Melbourne’ – Rolling Stone

The brainchild of Dougal Shaw, Marthouse label don and guitarist for Cash Savage and the Last Drinks, Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice has emerged as a potent force and clarion voice that cuts through the neo-liberal gaslighting of late-stage capitalism. Propulsive, danceable post-punk anthems documenting the dystopian absurdity of our times, informed by the Doc’s innate hopefulness and a staunch belief in a better future.

Operation Karma

Operation Karma is an 4 all female group. They play sounds of psychedelic rock. From mean guitar lines to intricate keys and a pairing of fervent drumming and bass playing, Operation Karma delivers a high energy, diverse performance bound to get audiences on their feet.

Ripper Roasts

A Geelong icon, Ripper Roasts will be offering up a roast dinner smorgasbord for all of you who decide to do the whole Dinner + Show experience. Vegan and GF people will be looked after. The mash pumpkin is GF and I could actually eat an entire plate of just that. Dig in!!


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